Wednesday, January 12, 2011

on 2011

That time of year has rolled around yet again for me to make a conscious effort to dwell on the coming twelve months. Though I am seven days late, I am sure it is better to write this late than not at all! Aspirations, goals, and hopes for my life in 2011 (in no order whatsoever):

Begin to connect all the things the past few years has taught me and put them into action.

I have learned that when I teach myself a new skill, I essentially become smarter, as my brain grows new neural pathways. I want to do my best to learn new skills, even if others think they are silly, like poi and hoop dance.

Stop smoking... self explanatory!

Write some damn good music and enjoy every minute of it! Preferably one song per month minimum.

Grow a bit closer to my own spirit, peer inwards a little more often, and consiously praise all the great qualities I have.

Live on an organic farm and learn how to homestead; get my hands dirty. If I get grossed out, I will tell myself that I will thank myself after peak oil hits! Learn to make cheese, soap, wine, or whatever else strikes my fancy (like planting kale that doesn't die).

Take the plunge: sell what I can, buy a one way ticket, and start living out my dreams one country (and ridiculous visa fee) at a time. When money runs low - busk with guitar or ukelele... or fire hooping. Which brings me to:

Fire hooping!! Shortly therafter start spinning fire with my poi.

Continue the trend I started this year of reading as often as possible!

Meet and encourage as many people as possible, whether on the 358 bus headed toward downtown Seattle or the person in line next to me.

Soak in the great and epic moments and friendships, and be present when they are happening.

Happy New Year of 2011 to all, I love you.