Tuesday, February 16, 2010

on pledging allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the lifestyle of the United States of America:

to corporate bailouts on Wall Street while our Main Streets deteriorate;
to boarded-up family homes seized by bankruptcy and greed.
To the single percentile controlling 95% of our wealth,
to our monetary system being controlled by a privately-owned Federal Reserve,
and to paying income tax when there is no written law anywhere requiring me to do so.

I pledge that I will not question capitalism, its flawed nature,
and that I will remain willingly blind to the injustice and poverty it continually creates.
I will continue to be a sheep in the flock of millions that do not understand,
believing that our government, its Supreme Court, and almost all of its branches
are not controlled by the ruling elite who care not for the poor.

I pledge to consume as much as possible, with my right hand over my heart,
and my left hand digging through my pocketbook.
I will support big business and my local Wal-Mart,
even though they take out life insurance policies on many employees
that are worth over a billion dollars dead, and not so much alive.
I will waste more energy in my household than a third world nation,
leaving a carbon footprint large enough to prove that I was here, and I had money and oil to burn.

I pledge to believe in trade that is free and not fair,
even if coffee farmers in Ethiopia receive a few cents for the latte I purchased this morning, with the plot of land that has been in their families for generations.
Capitalism and free enterprise are the answer, and these farmers are obviously not making the grade.

I pledge not to care about global warming, because it is a scam
and I never liked Al Gore anyway.
I pledge to call anyone who questions these things a conspiracy theorist, an anarchist,a tree-hugger, or an environmentalist nutcase.

They are obviously not watching the same news channels and media outlets that I am,
and because I have not heard of or confirmed these things they obviously do not exist.

I pledge to avoid documentaries and reading material that will make me question and possibly confirm the failure of what was once a nation built on freedom, America the Beautiful.

...and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, wearing a blindfold, already divided, with corporate fascism and corruption for all.

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Michael said...

you know that life is not that simple. most people are born innocent, without hate in their heart. without pride, without greed, without envy.

but there is just so much hatred and bad karma in this world that it just feels so overwhelming for one person if he or she tried to take it on by themselves. as one, we are weak and can do little. but together, we can accomplish great things.

capitalism is not the problem. wall street is not the problem. the federal reserve is not the problem. the big oil companies are not the problem.

the root of all these problems is ourselves, and the actions taken by the generations and ancestors before us.

it's too easy to blame the crooked ceos and the sleazy politicians for our problems but it just isn't that simple.
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