Sunday, April 3, 2011

on existing in London

Existing in London this past week has brought this recurring, refreshing feeling.

My first thought upon waking is always of where I am (England), how I got here (The Picadilly Line or a double-decker red bus), with whom I am staying (lovely people), and whether or not I am excited to be awake (yes). I can't help but be overwhelmed by the sense that this is The Beginning; that everything about my life and the way that I live it is in the midst of a great change. I can almost feel the paradigms shifting around in my brain. This is the life! I am finally on the road! Living off of hummus, cheese, bread, and vegetables has never felt so rich and filling.

I've been reading more from one of my favorite nomadic authors, who continually inspires me. "I was excited when I realized I didn’t have to do it the way they thought I should. I could design my own life, one that fit my dreams. There is more than one way to do life and I was going to discover one that worked for me." (Rita Golden Gelman) I like her very much, and that fact seems so lost on so many people. Life can be however you want to be; the world's prescribed plan for success and happiness is not 'one size fits all.' It was never meant to be so. True, there is a marked pathway to achieve a secure, normal life, and that in itself makes many people incredibly happy, which is wonderful. I am content to realize, now, that if I choose a different pathway, it makes me no less of a success or a failure.

Yes, I am in The Beginning of this era of wandering, and I enjoy it immensely.

Of course, I must take into account the realism of it all so it won't catch me by surprise later: I am essentially homeless in a foreign land, the days will not always be easy ones, I miss my family and friends, and everything I carry with me weighs less than 20 pounds (I weighed it this morning). I am under no illusion that this will be a perfect journey. Things will not always go smoothly, and I'm sure upon my first illness I will wish I was on my mother's couch at home.

What is close to perfection, however, is waking up in London, wandering neighborhoods I fall in love with, meeting great-hearted people, and being at the very beginning of a long and beautiful road.

I do so like beginnings.


light said...

Hi! Again:)

Yu are so positive and joyfull!

I wish I cold be like that too!

You know I hate my school and my life and sometimes when I wake up I am saying to myself....This is not my life...This is not me.....but I can't change it. The things dont get better.....maybe only worse. I feet like trapped in glass cage.....and ther is no one who cold save me....or even cared!

I really would like to travel like you and be free an fild with joy of life but I have no depressing
I know you must be thinking why I am whritting to yau all the time!
But I want to learn from you I want to learn how to live positive fulles. I have tried but nothing does not work....

Thank you for inspiring people:)

Ksenia said...

Rita Golden Gelman- I have not heard of her. Could you recommend some books to start off with?

I wish you Fortune's loveliest smile for your travels!

Dayna said...

@Light - I really had no money either. I sold my car, saved my tax return, found really inexpensive flights, and am living VERY humbly while I'm traveling - barely going out to pubs, eating what's cheapest at the store, etc, etc. Save your pennies, join Couchsurfing or other hospitality websites, and you'll be well on your way!

@Ksenia - The only one of hers I've read (it may be her only book for adults, she usually writes childrens' stories) is 'Tales of a Female Nomad - Living at Large in the World.' It's fabulous!

Elise said...

Hi! Have you just moved to London, or have you always lived there? I want to move to London one day (ok, I AM going to move to London one day). I'm from Norway, and I have to finish school here first, but.... Ok, my point is that I really love London, it's my favourite city in the whole world, and I really love Britain generally. Can't wait to go there!

Joseph Gregory said...

Hello Dayna,
My name is Joseph and I am a new blogger/writer/aspiring author. I have been taking the advice of the self-publishing experts and created a blog to promote myself and my writing long before my work will be ready for publication. Also, it's recommended to establish friendships with other writers, so here I am. Will be honest and say that I read one's material before offering friendship, because it's important to me to be inspired by their writing. Discovered the Next Blog button on my NavBar and thankfully it only took me 4 times to come across your blog. Even before I read your article I read your About Me post. Beautiful writing. The article was just as beautiful. I look for the music in written words if that makes sense to you and I hear the music in your writing. I hope you don't mind if I display you as someone who's writing I am following. Also, would like to invite you to perhaps do the same for me, only if my writing speaks to you. Will say though that I created my blog just some days ago, and I have only written my Introduction. Should have something new posted in a week or two. Anyway, thank you for your consideration. Enjoy yourself in London and I look forward to reading more of your fantastic work.

Dayna said...

@Elise - I only spent three weeks in London; it was my first stop after flying across the ocean from New York! It was a lovely city - very expensive! But full of rich history and interesting people!

@Joseph - great to have another follower, and I'm excited to be following yours as well! Blogspot is a fabulous way to meet other writers, and to connect with new friends. I hope you enjoy the blog! Sorry it took so long to respond, life has been a bit crazy and internet has been sparse since arriving in Dingle, Ireland! Let me know when you post, I'd love to follow your writing as well.

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