Friday, January 4, 2008

on resolution

Be more socially active instead of asleep. Read articles. Learn geography. Challenge yourself to be involved in the world any way you can, even if it's uncomfortable.

Strive to be more organized.

Begin to collect ideas for a book. Compile them in a notebook labeled 'Memoirs of a Life Deliberately Lived.' Then try to promote consistency by living deliberately.

Intentionally befriend people who defy social norms.

Frequent pawn shops and garage sales, and start collecting records. Organize them by artist, color, genre, or date released. This will perhaps help with the enjoyment of the organization.

Begin to read more foreign authors. Search for perspectives you may not have experienced before. Soak in the themes and even if they seem too complicated, try to get what you can from them.

Play guitar with a homeless person.

Dwell in scripture; not in the amount read or the pages you turn in a day, but in the content of the message, and the weight of the words. Do not underline what is read, in case someone else might notice. Try to let it rest in your heart.

Everything is going to be fine. Work on realizing this when in a bind or having a rough day.

Attempt to understand the subtle nuances between coffee blends. Also, and probably more socially helpful, wine. It would be nice to learn more about wine; goes nicely with cheese.

Learn how to photograph professionally. Not just take pictures, but to capture the essence of someone's heart in a frame. I would especially like more pictures of inanimate objects, sunsets, and facial expressions.

Give more. Whether that means around the house I live in, my family, financially, or the giving of my time to organizations that need it.

Listen more. Talk less.

Write as often as inspiration strikes; a sunrise, an open door, a brightly painted windowpane... create, be moved, help to move others, be inspired and open.

Get at least another semester of school done. If financially possible, finish your AA.

Reach the intermediete level of the Italian language. Spanish is great, and when you begin to struggle with the nuances of a different tongue, try to realize the benefits you will reap when you can carry on a meaningful conversation with millions more people than you could have before.

Think of something more creative than stickers and pictures to send to my 3 sponsored kids. They are in need, and they deserve the best.

Write a song of thanks and gratitude for someone else and the impact they have had on your life.

Host a Compassion Day at church.

Make amends with people you have wronged in your past. Whether that is asking forgiveness or letting them know you care.

Live with purpose and stand for things that need defending: children with empty bellies, families with no roof over their heads, stories that need to be told, and hearts that need friends.

Live intentionally. Love more and more unconditionally.

Welcome 2008. I think we will get along just fine.

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