Sunday, December 9, 2007

maybe our eyes have been closed our whole lives

Mar. 27, 2007

We try so hard to fight past the facades
and the faces we put on to look stronger or better; faster or wiser.

We're not fooling anyone.

Our faces scan the crowds for a heart
that could maybe give us that much needed shoulder to lean on.

We've been searching for love since the day we were born
looking in every corner of every empty room
and broken heart.

We put up walls to protect ourselves from the hurt that might get us
while spending our free time breaking down others.
What are we searching for?

What are we looking for?

It seems like the whole world just wants something worth fighting for
or worth dying for.
A hand to hold on the open seas when the tide is coming in too fast.
Could it be the answers to life are easy to find?
Easier than we ever expected?

Could it be that maybe the kinship we've been longing for
is in the one beside you in an elevator
or behind you in line?

Could it be that maybe our eyes have been closed our whole lives?
Everyone has a story.

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